By keeping track of technological innovations in the industry and with our management team and trained staff, we pledge to meet our customers' needs and expectations in accordance with management system requirements.

We commit to aligning the philosophy of continuous improvement with the Management System throughout all processes, internalizing it for all personnel, and increasing profitability and competitiveness accordingly.

We undertake to continuously develop and improve our management system.

We will comply with the legal requirements, standards, and conformity obligations we are subject to, as well as the current Environmental and OHS legislation.

As a company, we assure that all our activities will not harm ecological balance.

We pledge to minimize waste at its source, reuse it whenever possible, recycle it, and ensure the proper disposal of non-recyclable waste using appropriate methods.

We will ensure the efficient use of energy, raw materials, and natural resources.

We commit to preventing adverse effects on the health of our employees and individuals affected by our activities, providing necessary protection to control accidents, damages, and hazards to ourselves and other persons' property at the inception stage.

In this regard, we will develop the environmental and occupational health and safety awareness of our employees.

We will monitor hazards related to occupational health and safety with the same sensitivity, make efforts to minimize them, and take necessary measures to reduce them.